Saturday, 20 April 2019

Life After Drumming

Songs, photos, films all going up over the next few weeks. Estimate about 10th May most will be up here.

Life After Drumming? Maybe. I am Mick Barratt and I started this new channel as my first ever foray on the web on Easter Sunday 2019. I am in a hurry - the question mark ending the first sentence is real. I may be facing the death sentence. 

(Technically 'I' am not Mick as in fact this is a neighbour setting this up - generally helping the last few months capture as much of Mick as possible like a  scribe following behind the king as he pronounces. far more fun was building for Mick the 'studio' in an outbuilding -  loadsa eggboxes and carpet to cover the walls to keep the rather good racket in) 

I would like to be called Life After Drumming rather than Mick -  rapido, as i need to get my brand working. I was going to call it 'dead man walking' but many already use that handle. Perhaps this is more apt.

my new gmail address is lifeafterdrumming@ ..... [thatamericancompanythatownsgoogle] dotcom 

I was for over a decade a part time professional drummer in a band called Gaffa - back in the day....
A bit of a history of Gaffa is available here
 and bellying the usual jokes about drummers i decided a few years ago to learn to be the rest of the band. Excepting bass which i leave to my trusty old mate Wayne Evans who occasionally comes to visit me in my home in The Marches.

I sing songs i write myself - have been doodling my thoughts for years. But only to myself - i have had no involvement in the music biz for the last  decade as i changed region and knew few musical folk to link up with. And three years ago decided to learn the guitar - for my sixtieth birthday Gaffa bandmembers gave me one as a present. . For the last three years i have been imposing upon Stuart my little dog, and the neighbours, with tortuous training. A few months ago i was 'ready' to try and do something with it. So using an old tascam 4 track cassette recorder and mixer it was time to become home studio ...

Update January 2020
This blogpost  - what appears above, was started in early spring 2019 as i planned to go full speed ahead developing an online presence for new material i write. Then rather a lot happened to keep me away from music..... The story will be written soon and some film uploaded which perhaps may be interesting for some - especially those facing the nasties life can throw. 

a temporary page with new material is at the page entitled "2020 Assistance sought"(see bar above this page)